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n a t a l i e   p a u l i n e 

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natalie paulie.

artist.creative.floral designer.



Natalie Paulie Biehl is a fine-art painter, floral designe and overall creative. While she explores various art forms, she is often found as a painter of whimsical, vibrant watercolor, oil and gouache art. She creates as a way to express the feeling of the magical, imaginative moments present in the beauty of God's creation. 


She has explored creativity both as hobby and work: creative marketing, modeling, floral design, poetry, and art teaching, but her original creative love is paint.

Although Natalie has always been an artist at heart, she received her bachelors degree as a pre-law track from the University of Southern California with emphasis in human and environmental rights. She continues to seek out new creative outlets that combine her love for nature, for people, and for God in a creative way.

She currently lives in Hawaii with her husky-lab, Motley.

This site is currently under construction: updated artwork and prints coming soon.

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