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natalie paulie

Natalie Paulie is a fine-art painter living in Hawaii. She grew up with an artist mother amongst the coastal redwoods of the Santa Cruz mountains. She regularly visited family on the garden island of Kauai until she moved there in 2022.


Although Natalie has always been an artist at heart, she received her bachelors degree as a pre-law track from the University of Southern California with emphasis in human and environmental rights. 

Natalie claims the term "community taught": she briefly studied Art History in Paris, has taken several figure-drawing courses, and short, intermittent studies at classical ateliers. 


She has explored other means of creativity both as hobby and work: poetry, creative marketing, modeling, floral design, and art teaching, but her original creative love is paint.


This site is currently under construction: updated artwork, prints, giclees, and other artful merchandise coming soon. Send an inquiry under 'contact' about any piece in which you are interested.

Mahalo Nui Loa

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