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floral design.

Natalie has been a freelance floral designer for over a dozen different floral designers, some of the most well-known being Putnam & Putnam, Studio Mondine, Natalie Bowen Designs, and Max Gill. 

"For me, floral design is a kind of physical, sculptural poetry; an intimate and meaningful time to immerse in the art of creating. I try to use foraged, unusual flowers and fruits and work with foam-free structures when possible. I love working with other creatives, and seeing how simple floral designs can make so many people feel joy".

Below are some examples of Natalie's floral designs - a whimsical culmination of a petaled harvest.

Above: self directed study -- locally grown distant drum roses; gold leaf and gold paint on foraged persimmon and dried oak leaf; vintage brass bowl, atop my grandmothers books


Above: design for Studio Mondine - featured in Over The Moon 
Professional Photography by Roey Yohai Studios 

Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 11.54.34 AM.png

Arrangement for Natalie Bowen Designs


Above: urn-style arrangement for Gavita Flora - wedding in Carmel, CA

Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 11.00.39 AM.png

Above: Redwood tree installations for Seascape Flowers, featured in Martha Stewart 


Design for Gavita Flora at Nestldown Los Gatos


Designs for Studio Mondine

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