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Free 10 minute consult for Instagram design, growth + purpose!

  • 10 min
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  • Free 15 minute consult for IG design, growth + purpose!

Service Description

I've spent years learning about IG growth and design and have grown my own account to over 35k and I just can't sit around and keep all this knowledge to myself! I've decided that I HAVE to share this stuff with you guys. So I'm going to do my best to make it accessible to you all. After years of people asking me for tips, and helping my friends with design, growth, and strategy, I decided it's time to make this into a real thing. (And yes, if you are skeptical or wondering, my followers are real and I can show ya if you are really un-sure! ;) My account following has been validated as authentic through Fohr Card - feel free to look me up). After spending hours figuring out the never-ending game that is IG growth, I have come to realize the PURPOSE behind the growth is what fuels the fire. Without that purpose, we burn out, grow weary, and lose direction. In a 15 free phone call, I'd love to chat with you about what it is you are trying to achieve with your IG growth & design: how do you want to use it to change the world? Or how do you want to influence people for the better? And where are your road blocks are for design and growth and direction? Let's hop on a call - you've got nothing to lose. Message me your phone number and I will give you a call at the scheduled time. In the message section of this booking, please include: 1) your Instagram handle 2) what you need help with: ie: roadblocks to growth & design 3) two top favorite accounts you would like to emulate 4) what you want to contribute to the world with your IG design and growth 5) how do you want to be remembered? Can't wait to talk with you! :)

Contact Details

Santa Cruz, CA, USA

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