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1 month in Guatemala

I spent last month on a Guatemalan mountainside with 17 other women from around the globe learning to teach Yoga. It feels a bit daunting & even inevitably trivial to pay tribute to the magnitude of that experience. Yet alas, here I am. I remember how expansive I felt when I finally said yes to The Kula Collective. That YES became a progressive ripple effect. For anyone feeling stagnant, nervous, or even just down, I hope this serves as some kind of reminder. Say yes to even just ONE thing that makes you light up. Life is constantly changing. That’s the inspiring part. The growth that took place during the program felt like that of an entire year. Guatemala brought me face to face with my fears (ie: the scorpions & 2-inch jungle spiders) so that they could lose their grip. I became stronger & more resilient. I woke up every day to the sunrise, showed up for the practice, tried not to scratch my 150 bug bites, noticed the passing avalanche of thoughts in meditation & basked in the moments of clarity. With spotty solar electricity, we became more aware to what was happening in front of us and within us. We listened to the sound of pouring rain & of thunder, gazed at the glow of candle light & wrapped our bodies up in cozy, itchy Guatemalan blankets. We unplugged from all online and technological distractions. I understood that though I will likely never find a way to magically navigate the arduous task of being human, there are tools. And with these tools, I can fully choose aliveness - the lessons from the pain, the challenge of the hard times, & the glory of the countless beautiful moments - with gratitude & with acceptance. 18 of us from Canada, Europe, South Africa, Israel, Australia – together for one month, all day to pursue this thing called Yoga. Thank you Kula for the happiness you have poured into my heart, to the local ladies of The Yoga Forest who gifted us with graciousness & the abundant love from our teachers. I am forever grateful. If anyone is interested in getting their 200 / 300hr yoga training, feel free to reach out to me. I’m happy to share more of my experience and answer any questions.


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